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About Rachana Sansad
“Rachana Sansad”, a parliament of creative education was founded in 1960, by three young architects whose mission was to promote education in the field of Art, Architecture, Building Technology and other allied disciplines.

This education journey began in 1955, when Prof. S. H. Wandrekar, Prof. C. K. Gumaste and late Shri V. G. Mhatre founded a part-time college of Architecture viz. Academy of Architecture, to assist the employed young men and women to undergo articulated training in Architecture. This enabled middle-class enthusiasts to study while earning their livelihood and obtain a Government Diploma in Architecture, to practice as professional Architects.

The Founders created the Educational Trust, namely, Rachana Sansad in 1960. Gradually with experience, other sister institutions blended into the Sansad, making it a progressive educational entity.

Rachana Sansad which has crossed five decades of its service to the society, has been continuously adding and improving educational facilities in field of Art, Architecture, technology and allied disciplines. It has established itself as one of the leading educational centers in India by winning several prizes and awards in national international competitions year after year. The Academy of Architecture for many years has won prestigious "Le Corbusier" Trophy at NASA, on being selected as the “BEST COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE” in India. Our several students have won “Gold Medals in many educational disciplines. This has been possible due to untiring and selfless contribution by its Founders, Members and Faculty of the Rachana Sansad.

Education is a process of imparting knowledge and skill, though systematic instruction or teaching. But the aim of education is complete only when those who receive this gamut of information and skill, absorb it in their function and contribution. Any information conveyed becomes knowledge only when it is tasted and experienced. This requires discipline, effort and opportunity.

The philosophy of education at Rachana is to provide education that enables young men & women to be successful in their professions and life, by inculcating and experiencing discipline, respect, motivation and joy in learning.

This process of education is always in league with the times, contemporary changes, new reaches, demands and needs of the hour. Updating standards of teaching and positive validation is a constant here. The education at Rachana Sansad is not only a college experience, but interaction with professionals and learning from their experience and achievements is a norm.

Student - teacher relations is interactive and friendly. Students are offered aesthetic, secure, caring and intellectual environment where they are encouraged to participate actively in their own learning. They are given freedom and opportunities to experience their success and joy of achievement.

Our emblem : The Banyan tree
Banyan Tree stands in full vigor, strenth and magnanimity. Its colossal presence is alive, strongly deep rooted and generously branched. Like the Banyan tree Our logo, education at Rachana represents growth, strength, stability, service and trust.

All together, we the Artists, Designers, Architects planners are devoted to excellence in education stand together as - THE GREAT RACHANA FAMILY.

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