The world of construction management is on the brink of change. The world is moving towards a more virtual and integrated project delivery, one that minimizes waste in the process. In the future we will be delivering projects that have been built, conflicted, tested, and resolved in a simulated environment before the final product is constructed. The involvement of the Construction Manager will become increasingly accelerated to the earliest stages of design and each stage that follows in the continuum towards project delivery. The next generation of leaders in this field will understand all of the concepts and processes required to manage a successful project. They will also need to understand and work with the other members of the development team.

The Construction Management program’s mission is dedicated to creating graduates who are knowledgeable, well rounded professionals capable of meeting the future needs of the construction industry. The program prepares students for professional leadership and instills the impetus for lifelong learning. The curriculum stresses management expertise, technical knowledge, business acumen and understanding of the strategic and diverse interests among project stakeholders. Values imbedded in the curriculum support creative problem solving, emerging technologies, sustainable practices and ethical principles. Formal education is linked to practical experience, creating alumni who are skilled planners and managers of construction projects from concept to completion.

Construction Management is the art of orchestrating and focusing all the needed forces toward an efficient process and the successful completion of a project. The planning and control of resources and the detailed and prescient matching of design and production to the needs of the market for built space are at the very core of the construction industry .The Construction Manager's raw materials are often a vacant piece of land, a set of construction drawings, and or a project manual. The Construction Manager is charged with the task of assembling a virtual factory for construction; contending with numerous local, state, and federal regulations; and coordinating skilled and unskilled craftspeople, unions, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, planners, consultants, and the owner/developer. The day-to-day challenges of construction management make for some of the most demanding assignments in the world, whether a manager is overseeing the construction of a towering skyscraper or a low-rise condo. Construction management is a collaborative effort. The key relationships among leaders can be represented by a triangle, with the owner at one point, the architect/engineer at another and the construction manager at the third. Given the growing complexity of design and construction, whether urban, suburban, or rural, there are no major projects that are built without this crucial team in place.

Construction project managers are very critical to the success of every construction project. They make sure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and satisfying all specifications. Construction managers are valuable assets to the organizations they work for.

Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture has the distinction of being one of the first and one of the few, schools in the nation to offer this post graduate degree program. The Construction Management program is designed to align with and grow from our architectural tradition. We want our students to be educated in the elements of the matrix-problem-solving discipline that is architecture, and to apply their knowledge and critical thinking to the process of construction management. Our students will have hands-on experiential education that will prepare them to lead this industry.

The faculty consists of leading professionals from the construction industry. We take pride in being very "student" oriented, therefore our students and faculty are enthusiastic about our program and close personal interaction with our faculty is not only encouraged but expected.

This programme is a response to the growing demand from the construction industry for flexible professionals capable of strategic thinking and a creative response to volatile economic conditions. Planning and controlling the allocation of resources, and the detailed matching of design and production to the needs of the market for built space, are at the core of the construction industry.

Our Construction Management program strives to develop problem solvers who excel not only at managing logistics, but also at overseeing a multidisciplinary working environment. Students are provided a firm understanding of the roles, needs, and challenges of all players on any given construction project. These rich, varied perspectives ultimately translate into greater efficiencies in estimating, scheduling, cost control, and procurement. We see the collaborative goal of integrated project delivery (IPD) as the future of the built environment. IPD is going to redefine the roles of constructors and project managers and will require new relationships and skills that we emphasize in our program. In addition, we focus on all the key aspects of effective leadership.

Our students are taught the verbal and written skills necessary to communicate within and across project teams, supported by quantitative literacy, critical thinking, research skills, and mastery of the latest software and other innovative tools of the trade.

As with all programs at Rachana Sansad, we instill in our students a strong sense of professional ethics and personal responsibility. We prepare them not only to find rewarding careers but also to make their unique, positive marks on the world.

The Masters in Architecture with specialization in Construction Management focuses on the management skills and construction business knowledge required for the continually changing environment of the construction industry while maintaining a balance between your academic studies and your work and family obligations. The structure allows consideration of both the theory and applications of economics, finance and management in the context of construction projects. With courses in Core Management, Project Appraisal, Financial Management, Contract Administration, Construction project Scheduling, this degree provides students with a broad-based knowledge of the construction industry, extensive training in business and management applications, and a solid general education.

It will provide students with a basic understanding of managing a construction project. Students will learn the importance of interacting with the myriad of people they come in contact with on a daily basis, including owners, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and employees. Students in this program will become familiar with International & National Safety requirements and training policies as well as construction specific regulatory practices.

Duration : 4 Semesters

Working Days:

Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Sunday   9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Methodology :

Lectures, Studios, Seminars and Site Visits

CURRICULUM Of M. Arch (Construction Management)


Management Theories And Business Organizations Theory (CP2) Financial And Account Management Theory (CP2) Construction Materials And Machinery Studio (CP4) Computer Applications In Construction Management Studio (CP4) 1.Disaster Management OR
2. Waste water Management Studio (CP4)
Construction Management Project Studio 1 Studio (CP8)
Sem2 Construction Logistics, Project Formulation And Finance  Theory(CP2) Quantitative Research Methods Theory (CP2) Advanced Construction Technologies Studio (CP4) Sustainable Building Technology Studio (CP4) 1.Geographic Information System OR
2.Terrain Assessment and Mapping Studio (CP4)
Construction Management Project Studio 2 Studio (CP8)
Sem3 Contract Management And Tendering Procedure Theory (CP2) Construction And Planning Legislation Theory (CP2) Marketing And Management Studio (CP4) Human Resource And Quality Management Studio (CP4) 1 .Computer Aided Design & Simulation Techniques OR
2. Intelligent Buildings Studio (CP4)
Construction Management Project Studio 3  Studio(CP8)
Sem4 M. Arch. Dissertation I Project Work (CP 8) M. Arch. Dissertation Stage II Project Work (CP 16)

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Ms.Swati Kotulkar
Head of the department of Institute of Project Management.

Ms.Swati R. Chokshi
is a permanent faculty member.

The Visiting Faculty from the field consists of:
Prof. Banavali Arun
Prof. Cheulkar Prakash
Prof. Kutty C. M. S.
Prof. Maneesha Sharma
Prof. Patil Suhas
Prof. Shrikhande N. N.
Prof. Mohandas Nair
Prof. Chetan Raikar
Prof. Sharad Ramchandra Kale
Prof. Abhay Gujar
Prof. Ashwin Suthur
Prof. Diwan M. L.
Prof. Sheth Bhaskar
Prof. Sheth S. N.
Prof. N. Budheka
Prof. Jaydeep Wagh
Prof. Prof. B. N. Seth
Non Teaching Staff consists of
Mrs. Archana, Mr. Manilal, Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Yogesh
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