Fine Arts education holds the key to realizing creative potential and achieving real success in a broad variety of professional studies. Students think laterally, seek answers through innovation, accept creative challenges and discover their own creative direction in media such as photography, moving image, painting, three dimensional studies.

Establish in 2005,Academy of Fine Arts offer a unique combination of learning through practice- based study supported by comprehensive research, reflection, critical analysis and academic study.

In the initial stages of a Fine Arts education students experience and experiment with a broad range of studio subjects, disciplines and media; spending the majority of their studio practice time with the assistance of tutors. As students progress they are able to select media from a range of studio subjects and their studio practice becomes increasingly self directed.

Academy of Fine Arts and Craft was established in 2005.

An education in Fine Art holds the key to realizing creative potential and achieving real success in a broad variety of professional studies.

In our need to develop a holistic approach to Art pedagogy, we have created three areas of specialization, namely Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics.

The initial stage is a solid year of foundation, where the students explore their creative direction in media such as Painting, Three Dimensional studies, Photography Serigraphy, Printmaking and Digital Media and New Genres art.

The full time 4 year degree course is a combination of guided studio or practice based study supported by comprehensive research, and critical analysis.

Our faculty comprises of practicing artists who are known nationally and internationally in their fields. Renowned professionals from India and Abroad are invited for lecture demonstrations and educate the students about their areas of specialization.

Foundation course

  • Drawing and Painting from observation,
  • Creative Painting Three- Dimensional Studies or Sculpture,
  • Photography,
  • Ceramics,
  • Art History

Second Year - (Painting, Sculpture)

  • Life Study- Drawing and Painting,
  • Printmaking, Serigraphy,
  • Photography,
  • Theory and Criticism
  • Art History.
  • (Similar subjects are dealt with the students specializing in sculpture.)

Third Year- (Painting, Sculpture)

  • Life Study- Drawing and painting,
  • Printmaking, Serigraphy,
  • Photography,
  • Site specific Sculpture workshops,
  • Time based media workshops,
  • Theory and criticism Art History. (Similar subjects are dealt with the students specializing in sculpture.),


Fourth Year

  • Life Study- Drawing and Painting,
  • Printmaking
  • Independent Study, body of work ,
  • Theory and criticism,
  • Art history
  • Aesthetics.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate should have passed the H.S.C. (10+2 level) Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.


The Degree Course is a four year full time Programme affiliation from with YCMOU.
Working Hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 2.30 pm. 


Number of student - 40.


In order to be permitted to appear for any examination, the students must have at least 75% attendance to his / her credit and also satisfactory scholastic and personal behavior record. Students desirous of making appeal to the Head of the Institute on any account must address the same through the class incharge / subject incharge.

The admission to the course at Academy will be confirmed only on payment of full fees in advance by the student. Registration is incomplete until fees are paid.
No refunds will be made of fees or any other payments except Deposits during the academic sessions,
All fees will be accepted in Cash /Cheque / Demand Draft only

Dr. Manjiri Rajeev Thakoor (Principal )
B. F. A
M.A. (Ancient Indian Culture) Mumbai University
Ph.D. in Buddhist Sculpture

Mr. Sudhir Pandey
BFA in Panting
Post Graduated diploma in Creative Painting

Mr. Vaibhav Panchal
BFA in Fine Art
MFA in Portraiture

Mr. Pranit Ghate
BFA in Ceramic
ATD from Mumbai University

Ms. Teja M. Gavankar
G.D. Art (In Drawing and Painting)
Diploma in Art education
Certificate in Aesthetics

Mr. Tushar Potdar
BFA in Painting

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General Information

All the work prepared by the students during the course is property of the Academy. It may be returned to the students unless it is required for the purpose of record and exhibition.

Reports regarding students progress are made available to the parents or guardians upon request to the HOD of the Academy. Parents and guardians are requested to keep track of their ward's progress.

Every students on admission to the Academy must obtain an identity card within a week from the date of admission. The identity card must be produced whenever demanded by any member of the staff. Students are advised to carry I.C. to all places for official & unofficial visits.


Every change in address should be immediately communicated to the H.O.D. and staff of the Academy

All communication should be addressed to the H.O.D. of the Academy of Fine Arts and Craft stating the roll number and year of study of the student.

All students are required to observe and comply with all rules, regulations and requirements as may from to time to time be drawn up by the Academy . Decision of the authorities will be final and binding.

The academy awards the following Prizes every year. For the best performance in each class throughout the session. For the best work in every class. For the best performance in

Exhibition of students work is held along with the annual social gathering at the Academy premises.

Students should provide themselves with approved textbooks and equipments which they should buy in consultation with the lecturers in respective subject. In order to pursue their studies, students are required to pusses equipments prescribed by the authorities. Drawing table, board are provided by the authorities.

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