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Mumbai, one of the largest urban agglomeration is constantly facing pressures of urbanisation. Rachana Sansad one of the pioneers in education in the field of Architecture and Design started a think tank along with Mumbai Study Group, which worked out the content to start the first school of Urban Planning in 2006, in Mumbai. The Centre for Urban Studies offered a Rachana Sansad Diploma in Urban Studies. However the students were keen to get a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning. So in 2008 the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning (IURP), was incepted. IURP, offers a two year Master's Programme in Urban and Regional Planning, affiliated to the YCMOU, Nashik and recognised and approved by Council of Architecture.

Recently the Urban Development Department has approved our course as an eligibility to apply for jobs of Planners in Government Departments of Maharashtra.

The journey from 2008 to 2014 had been a very enriching and exciting one. We started with a strength of 8 students in our first batch, soon the demand for the course saw a upward trend and we have had a good strength varying from 20 to 35 students per batch.

Academic Information

The objectives of the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning are:
  • To provide an in depth understanding of the complexities of built environment and its correlation to the socio-economic ethos
  • To provide practical guidance on navigating the legal and regulatory maze.
  • The course is specially designed to train students in sustainable urban and regional practices by stressing on environmental issues and resource management.
  • Lack of infrastructure and increase in densities in the developing countries like ours make it imperative to train planners in resource optimization.
  • Technological advances need to be utilized keeping in mind the ecology and thus stressing in balanced development.


The course offers two theory subjects per semester one elective and two term papers along with a studio project which is the backbone of the programme and integrates the subjects taught for practical application.

In the first semester the studio is designed to conduct a baseline study of a small to medium sized urban settlement, which helps to develop an understanding of layers of urban systems.

The studio in second semester takes up a Comprehensive Development Plan for an urban centre. This is an exercise which help students to understand, analysis and propose various layers of urban issues. The outcome of this studio exercise is a detailed report which covers the baseline it's analysis and proposals which look at all the sectors of planning including a Proposed Landuse Plan and a set policy documents which help the urban centre to achieve its vision planned by the students as a part of this exercise.

In the third semester the students are made to work at a Regional level and a Regional Planning exercise is conducted. This is an extensive work done by students to understand the inter dependency of various urban and rural settlements on each other and also helps to look at the larger picture which can resolve the pressure on large urban centres.

The fourth semester is dedicated to thesis which is an individual exercise done by students in the field of their interest.

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Prop. P.P. Amberkar
Director of Institute of Urban and Regional Planning.

Karim Panjwani
Head of the department of Institute of Urban and Regional Planning.

Prachi Merchant
Assistant Professor

Yogita Patil

The Visiting Faculty from the field consists of:
Dr. Ashok Joshi
Dr. Padma Desai
Dr. Medha Soumaiya
Prof. Sulkshana Mahajan Prof. Pallavi Latkar
Prof. Anita Naik
Prof. Swati Shinde
Prof. Hrydal Desai
Prof. Neha Mungekar
Prof. Pawan Mulukutla
Prof. Meera Malegaonkar
Prof. Dhawal Ashar
Prof. Abhijeet Desai

Non Teaching Staff consists of
Mrs. Gaytri, Manilal, Sandeep and Yogesh

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