About Us

Since its inception in 2005, the Academy of fine arts and crafts has been a platform for creative and conceptual art practice. Leading contemporary artists, gallerists, educators, theorists always participate in the exchange of ideas about art, education, and multi-dimensions of art practice.

Teaching nurtures the varied disciplines of material & medium skills, creates the environment for the conceptual incubation and flowering of individual art practice.

Academy of fine arts and craft is always expanding the horizons of learning in fine arts to meet the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing world. Bringing a new creative perspective about education in fine arts, as a tool to develop a fundamental sense of art as a language. 

The insights about art as a language helps the student to develop the multidimensional applications of the understanding of the language in different fields, from interior design to theatre, films, Design, therapy, etc 

Rachana Sansad Academy of fine arts and craft has always contributed to the contemporary art scene of India. Our alumni - Sahej Rahal, Amol Patil, Vandana, Jinal Sangoi, Vinit Lavande, Rohan Dumbre, Yogesh Barwe, Makrand Dhotre, Maithili Bavkar, Ponnam Jain, Astha Malu