Foundation course

Foundation course develops all the fundamental disciplines and perspectives about the visual arts & crafts. Concepts, skills, mediums, history of arts, all the aspects of the art which are needed to take the first step in leaning visual arts & craft.

Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility: Minimum 10th + School level Intermediate drawing exam

Rachana Sansad Certificate course

Specialised course in the subject of painting, introducing the student to vast expanse of visual art practise, mediums & materials, styles,history of arts, philosophy of art & aesthetics. Nurturing the creative process in every individual. ( it covers all the aspects of G.Diploma course)

Duration: - 3 years

Eligibility: Minimum 10th from any board 

Post graduate course offered by Rachana Sansad in- Painting/Sculpture/Ceramics

This intensive Course is specially for the learners who always want to move from hobby level to serious level of learning art. It helps them to learn fundamentals of art, skills, develop creative thinking, and perspective towards arts. The course evolves an individual approach towards art practise.

Duration: 2 years

Eligiblity - Graduation from any stream

Short courses in- Drawing and painting/ Sketching/Portrait painting/ Figure drawing/ Landscape Paint

Short Courses serve the purpose of getting introduced to a subject, skill, material, technique in short flexible time duration sessions. They help to discover the interest and develop perspective towards the subject

Duration: 8/12/16 sessions or 4/6/8 months