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"We, at Rachana Sansad strive to impart the best possible education to our students. When they graduate and become our Alumni, they represent our vision, mission and goals coupled with their application, hard work and talent. We are proud of all our Alumni! Let us read what they have to say".


"Rachana Sansad has shaped me in my foundation years. I refuse to go behind western techniques and following their footsteps blindly as they don't go in accordance with the climatic conditions and other demans of this region. I think that installing green spaces and public parks at walking distance from residential zones and other urban centers will minimize scarcity of greenery and other natural resources."

- Padmabhushan Ar. Hafeez Contractor.

"I joined Academy of Architecture in the year 1974 and graduated in 1979. Our friendly teachers made learning easier. While travelling in study tours of Rachana Sansad, Saw great architecture, learnt to travel which later helped me in my profession and came to know the diversity of our country.

I am today practicing as a Landscape Architect with a practice of around 30 years.

- Ar. Suvarna Sathe's

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7:28 pm 16-07-2020

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7:30 pm 16-07-2020

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