About our family

“Rachana Sansad”, the destination to explore and harness your creativity freely and intelligently. Our institutes like Academy of Architecture, College of Applied Art and Craft and others, started by visionaries, has produced worthy professionals in each of these fields. Our web site will give you a bird’s eye view. It is my pleasure to invite you to come and see the work of our students during the annual exhibitions. Look out for dates. “Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics”. - Mr. Uday Chande

Our Emblem

THE BANYAN TREE: Banyan Tree stands in full vigor, strenth and magnanimity. Its colossal presence is alive, strongly deep rooted and generously branched. Like the Banyan tree Our logo, education at Rachana represents growth, strength, stability, service and trust. All together, we the Artists, Designers, Architects planners are devoted to excellence in education stand together as - THE GREAT RACHANA FAMILY.

Founders & Founding Trustees

Mr. V. G. Mhatre

1930 - 1988
Tenture: 1955 - 1988

Mr. S. H. Wandrekar

1932 - 2014
Tenture: 1955 - 2012

Mr. C. K. Gumaste

1932 - 2015
Tenture: 1955 - 2009