A Banyan tree stands tall with vigour, strength and magnanimity with its colossal presence, being alive, strongly deep-rooted and generously branched. At Rachana Sansad, education represents growth, strength, stability, service and trust; together, we architects, designers, planners, artists are devoted to imparting education par excellence.

Three friends, dreamt of imparting knowledge way back in 1950. Shri. S. H. Wandrekar, Shri. C. K. Gumaste and Shri. V. G. Mhatre. One was a visionary, the other a teacher at heart and the third a strong influencer! Together, they were the perfect team and selflessly Rachana Sansad was formed as an educational initiative for aspiring students.


Mr. V. G. Mhatre

1930 - 1988
Tenture: 1955 - 1988

Mr. S. H. Wandrekar

1932 - 2014
Tenture: 1955 - 2012

Mr. C. K. Gumaste

1932 - 2015
Tenture: 1955 - 2009