This fits perfectly for Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft. A student is shaped into what he or she will become through their choice of field and the institute they choose. Their experiences, mentors, and passion help them thrive in their chosen field. An institute that provides that ideal environment is more than just a place of learning, it is a place of education, exploration, and experimentation- a home.

The Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft is home to almost 300 such students. It is a place that has defined the best times of an aspiring commercial artist’s student life. This is where you lay the basic foundation of your identity as an applied artist by learning more about your own self through your failures and successes, testing your limits as an artist and as a human being. 

We help the students to discover their forte through an educational process that enables the overall development of the student. We enable students to learn to be observant, resourceful and unleash their creativity. Also, they learn how to think laterally and develop their own unique perspective. This is encouraged by a healthy atmosphere, observant faculty, and an environment that provides multiple opportunities to the students to showcase their potential. It is a place where a student has no choice but to step out of his comfort zone and find out what he is truly capable of.


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Student Grievance 

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Institute level seat admission

Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art & Craft
invites applications from eligible Candidates for 
12 Institute Level Seats for B.F.A. (Applied Art), 
a four year degree program of University of Mumbai.
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Eligibility: Passing HSC with min. 45%, MAH-AAC-CET-2022 passing
& admission not secured in any other College/Institute through CAP

For Application forms contact College office 
(022-24301024/24310807) on 6th – 9th October 2022 
between 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

List of Eligible Candidates for Institute Level Seat

List of students admitted in Institute level - A.Y. 2022-2023