About Us

  • SID46 (46 years of existence)


    The selection of an Interior Designer is highly a personalized one. The place where we live, work, spend time with family & friends and relax should be an expression of our personality, highlighted by the talents of the interior designer. The designers must have the ability to assess your lifestyle, assimilate your needs and interests, appreciate and respect your concerns while introducing you to new directions and creative ideas. In addition, designers must have the ability to work within a broad range of styles and parameters.

    At the School of Interior Design (SID) we don't just teach Interior Design, we encourage each and every student to access and nurture their own natural sense of flair and creativity.

    The lectures at the School of Interior Design are conducted by highly educated and experienced architects and interior designers. The entire teaching faculty boasts of more than 60 enthusiastic and enterprising practicing professionals, working together to achieve high standards of education. SID aims to bring out practically oriented and aesthetically sensed interior designers.

    At the SCHOOL OF INTERIOR DESIGN, we can inspire and guide you to convert your creative dreams into a reality.


    - Design research analysis;
    - Knowledge of materials and their use;
    - Survey and restructuring of spaces;
    - Design of interior furniture (private homes);
    - Design of furniture for commercial and public spaces (restaurants, museums, hotels);
    - Design of external spaces (redevelopment of public squares and gardens) and outside furniture;
    - Market trends analysis; study of the history, functions, morphology, production, and types of materials; ideation and development of the concept; design of a new project); - Graphics and visual communication of the design;
    - Ideation of the layout and creation of the final portfolio.