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Aishaana Pradhan

MArch (Project Management) from Mumbai University. GDArch from Mumbai University.

Imparting education is a passion for her. The academic year 2023-2024 marks her 23rd year with SID. As the Head of the Department, School of Interior Design, Rachana Sansad - she completely shares SID’s dedication to caring for her students every day, while providing them with a meaningful learning environment.

Having gathered practical experience for more than 28 years, through projects designed and executed, Aishaana incorporates innovative methods of imparting education.

Under her leadership, students of Sid have won National level awards in various competitions. Aishaana firmly believes that every student can excel and develop beyond their comfort zone with cooperation, advice, and guidance from the faculty.

She is looking forward to celebrating our collective successes during the 2023-2024 academic year.


Nisha Savla

Her vision as an educationist in the chosen field of teaching is to inspire & motivate the budding generation of new age recognized for their outstanding leadership qualities, discipline, perseverance and persistence in progression, enhancement and evolution of design excellence and eminence abreast promoting human health & well-being.

Diploma In Design and Decoration from Shardaben Champaklal Nanavati Institute of Polytechnic (SCNIP): 1992

31 years of teaching experience, 23 yrs @ SID.

CIC – First Year Government Diploma


Kainaz ma’am is an optimist by nature, she tries and sees positive aspect in each and everything that comes across. As a teacher she always tries to listen to her students and tries to assist them in every possible manner. She never stops learning. She makes her students feel more productive about their learning.

Interior Design certificate course from Rachana Sansad, 2003

18 years of teaching experience @ SID

 CIC – First Year Rachana Sansad Certificate Course


An Alumni of Rachana Sansad School OF Interior Design, passed out from the institute in the year 2006 and has been practicing in the field ever since. Her forte being restaurant and eatery design. She now wished to proffer her gratitude towards her alma mater and what better way than to teach. It has been a brief yet exciting, exhilarating and humbling journey of 3 years but she believes that teaching is a complex, compound, multifaceted activity, often requiring instructors to juggle multiple tasks and goals simultaneously and flexibly. It is her avid belief that teaching is an ever evolving and ever yielding process & hence she believes that as a teacher she has to comfortably shift gears between being a student and a teacher while striking a constructive reciprocity and interplay with her students.

Govt. Diploma in Interior Designing- Rachana Sansad (1st Class) 2006

Bachelor of Arts (MU)

Govt. Diploma in Foundation course for Applied Arts, Sophia Polytechnic (1st class - 2002)

CIC – Second Year Government Diploma


An interior Designer by passion & profession having an experience of about 15 years and counting. An Alumni of the prestigious Rachana Sansad School Of Interior Design. She has a keen eye towards details & designs, she is an avid reader with keen interest in Art, Literature, history & painting. She believes that the core of teaching consists of four basic value – Dignity, Truthfulness, Fairness & Responsibility & Freedom. She thrives to create students / Designers with a creative eye, attention to details, trend setters. She believes that the young upcoming designers should have knowledge of Sustainable practice, superior communications, sketching & computer knowledge and most important of all – A good Human Being.

She follows the mantra “in learning you will teach; and in teaching you will learn” – Phil Collins

Govt. Diploma in Interior Designing- Rachana Sansad (1st Class) 2006

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Major in Chemistry (MU)

Resin Artist, Model making

Loves Travelling and exploring the untouched……

Visiting faculty with L.S. Raheja college of Architecture

2014- 2016

Subjects – Working Drawing & Design

CIC - First Year Rachana Sansad Certificate Course since   November – 2022


An Alumni of Rachana sansad and faculty in the same for almost a Decade. He thinks “one cannot teach anyone anything; one can only make other person THINK & VISUALIZE” his forte his Working Drawing details and expertise.

Govt. Diploma in Interior Designing- Rachana Sansad - 2005

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (Botany & Horticulture Landscape)

CIC – Third Year Government Diploma


An experienced Interior Designer & hospitality Professional with over a decade and a half exposure in the design & hospitality Industry. He is equally passionate about exploring new places and trying new cuisines as well.

Govt. Diploma in Interior Designing- Rachana Sansad- 2017

Degree in Hospitality & Hotel Administration (IHM) Mumbai.

Pradeep Purohit


Archana Khare


Shivasubramaniam Muthiah


Ananda Kadam (Library)


Hema Sawant

Sanket Chavan